A car travels along a straight stretch of road. It proceeds for 16.2 mi at 57 mi/h, then 24.6 mi at 44 mi/h, and finally 45.1 mi at 37.8 mi/h. What is the car’s average velocity during the entire trip? Answer in units of mi/h.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The average velocity the entire trip was 43.25 mi/hStep-by-step explanation:In this case we have to calculate an average based on the miles traveled. First we have to calculate the total of miles traveled, then calculate the portion of the total travel of each and with this calculate the average speed during the trip. First the total miles traveled:[tex]TotalMiles=16.2+24.6+45.1=85.9[/tex]Now the percentages:At 57 mi/h were [tex]\frac{16.2}{85.9}=0.19[/tex]At 44 mi/h were [tex]\frac{24.6}{85.9}=0.29[/tex]At 37.8 mi/h were [tex]\frac{45.1}{85.9}=0.52[/tex]Now multiplying the speed by the portion and summing them we can have the average velocity:[tex]57*0.19+44*0.29+37.8*0.52=43.25[/tex]The average velocity the entire trip was 43.25 mi/h