This table shows how many students from two high schools attended afootball game.A student is randomly selected.What is the probability that a student did not attend the game, given that thestudent is from Westville? Round your answer to two decimal places.

Accepted Solution

Answer:C. 0.60Step-by-step explanation:We need to find out a couple things first:How many students are from Westville?How many students did not attend the game that are from Westville?We need to find specifically Westville, because we don't want to accidentally pick someone from North Beach who attended.So let's look:Total from Westville: 150Total who did not attend from Westville: 90Now in order to find a probability, we need to divide the smaller number from the biggest number. Let's do that:90/150 = 0.6And for this question, we specifically have to round to two decimal places. In order to do this, we just write the extra 0 at the end:0.6 = 0.60Look at that, 0.60 is one of our answers! :D