Categorize the graph as linear increasing, linear decreasing, exponential growth, or exponential decay.

Accepted Solution

Answer with explanation:Taking to points on the linear function ,that is x intercept and y intercept which are, (-2.5,0) and (0,-5) and writing the equation of linewhich is given by intercept form [tex]\frac{x}{a}+\frac{y}{b}=1[/tex][tex]\frac{x}{-2.5}+\frac{y}{-5}=1\\\\ \frac{2x}{-5}+\frac{y}{-5}=1\\\\ 2 x +y=-5[/tex]y = -5 - 2 xTaking y as a dependent variable ,and x as as independent variable x       -1        0     1      2        3       4y        -3       -5    -7     -9    -11       -13with increase in x value ,y value decreases or vice versa.that is , if [tex]x_{1}>x_{2} {\text{but}} y_{1} < y_{2}[/tex]then it is a decreasing function.So, the given function is linear decreasing function.Option B: Linear Decreasing