HELP 25 POINTS ASAP PLEASE BRAINLIST TO CORRECT ANSWERFind the area of a triangle with a base of (4x+3) and a height of (4x-3)

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]8x^2-4.5[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:So we know already that, in order to find the area of a triangle, we need to find base * height / 2. That doesn't change when we have variables involved, it just gets a little more complicated.The trick is we need to just dumb down and not overthink anything. Just foil like normal. FOIL = First Outer Inner Last, it's a way of multiplying. Basically, you take multiply the first variables, the second variables, the inner variables, and then the last variables.[tex]\frac{(4x+3)*(4x-3)}{2}\\\frac{(4x*4x + 4x*(-3) + 3*4x + 3*(-3)}{2}\\\frac{16x^2-12x+12x-9}{2}\\\frac{16x^2-9}{2}\\[/tex]Now you could just keep it in that form, but I personally would rather simplify it into decimals to get [tex]8x^2-4.5[/tex]Additionally, if your answer choices do not include decimals, try either 8x^2 - 9/2 , or (16x^2 - 9)/2